Craftella: Building a brand identity for gift shop

18 jul 2023, 9:09



In today's digital age, creating a brand that speaks to your vision has never been easier. Meet Isabella Hartley, an enterprising entrepreneur from New York, who turned her passion for handmade gifts into a thriving business, Craftella. Join us as we take you through Isabella's journey of using Freelogo's brand identity generator to bring Craftella to life in just four simple steps.

Step 1: Define your brand

Isabella started her brand-building journey at by entering the heart of her business - its name Craftella. She carefully curated a compelling slogan Handmade with Heart, capturing the essence of her artisanal creations. With a few clicks, she selected her preferred language and provided a brief description of Craftella, painting a vivid picture of what her business was all about.

Step 2: Identify niche

Next, Isabella ventured into the realm of industry selection. For Craftella, it was crucial to pinpoint the market she wanted to serve. With a deep-rooted passion for handmade gifts, Isabella chose the Art industry. This step narrowed down the design possibilities, ensuring that the generated logos would align perfectly with Craftella's unique identity.

Step 3: Pick colors

Colors have the power to evoke emotions and convey messages. Isabella understood the significance of choosing the right palette for Craftella. She explored the wide array of color categories provided by, ultimately selecting the Pastel category. This choice automatically generated a harmonious blend of soft, soothing hues that reflected the heartwarming nature of her handcrafted gifts.

Step 4: Select favorite logo

With the groundwork laid, it was time for the most exciting part - choosing the logo that would become Craftella's visual ambassador. Isabella was presented with a gallery of meticulously generated logos, each one a potential representation of her brand. She carefully reviewed each option, weighing its visual impact and resonance with Craftella's ethos. Finally, she found the one that spoke to her heart, an elegant intertwining of craft-inspired elements that captured the essence of Craftella beautifully.

Final step: Bringing the brand to life

Once Isabella had made her selection, she clicked Generate, and Freelogo's powerful AI engine sprung into action. Within moments, Isabella received a comprehensive brand identity package, including logo files optimized for printing, transparent backgrounds, and vector formats for scalability. What's more, she was pleasantly surprised to find a professionally designed website tailored to Craftella's style and vision.