Eleganto: Building a brand identity for furniture workshop

15 sep 2023, 13:42



In today's digital age, creating a brand that resonates with your vision has never been more accessible. Allow us to introduce you to Alejandro García, an enterprising artisan from Madrid, who transformed his passion for crafting exceptional furniture into a thriving enterprise, Eleganto. Join us as we embark on a journey through Alejandro's experience, using Freelogo's brand identity generator to bring Eleganto to life in just four seamless steps.

Step 1: Define your brand

Alejandro's voyage in establishing Eleganto commenced with the nucleus of his business - its very name Eleganto. By meticulously crafting a captivating tagline Elevating Spaces with Elegance, he masterfully encapsulated the essence of his artisanal furniture. With a few clicks, he selected his preferred language and provided a succinct description of Eleganto, vividly portraying his unwavering commitment to crafting timeless pieces.

Step 2: Identify niche

In the dynamic realm of furniture design, choosing the right niche is paramount. Alejandro understood that to thrive, Eleganto needed to carve a unique space where its artistry could truly shine. Drawing inspiration from the world of architecture, he chose the Architecture industry, effectively narrowing down the design possibilities to harmonize perfectly with Eleganto's distinctive identity.

Step 3: Pick colors

Alejandro recognized the profound influence of colors in evoking emotions and conveying messages. In search of inspiration, he delved into Freelogo's extensive color categories, ultimately gravitating towards the Nature palette. This choice effortlessly conjured a delightful blend of earthy and natural hues, mirroring the organic beauty found in his artisanal furniture.

Step 4: Select favorite logo

With the groundwork laid, the most exhilarating moment arrived - selecting the emblem that would serve as Eleganto's visual ambassador. Alejandro was presented with a gallery of meticulously generated logos, each representing a potential embodiment of his brand. He meticulously assessed each option, considering its visual impact and resonance with Eleganto's core values. Ultimately, he discovered the one that spoke to his heart, an elegant fusion of design elements inspired by architecture, elegantly encapsulating Eleganto's essence.

Final step: Bringing the brand to life

With his choice made, Alejandro clicked Generate, setting Freelogo's potent AI engine into motion. In mere moments, he received a comprehensive brand identity package, including logo files optimized for printing, transparent backgrounds, and vector formats for seamless scalability. To his immense satisfaction, he also uncovered a professionally designed website tailored to Eleganto's style and vision.